My Latest New Book

My Latest New Book
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Study Validates my Findings about pain in Fish

An Australian blogger named Martin Salter, recently published a fine blog,  illustrating the results of recent studies by a research team from the University of Wyoming. This latest study, once again showed that fish do not feel pain. In one of my early books, "Freshwater Fighters", which I published in 2009, I included my studies, using some of the early work of Prof. James Rose. My book concludes that the absence of the brains neocortex, in the brain of all fish, prevents the fish from feeling pain. Fish do have nociceptors, as do humans, that detect pain in the nerve endings. In humans this information is transmitted to our brain and our neocortex processes that information telling us that we feel pain. The absence of this neocortex in the brain of fish, prevents that feeling from ever being realized.

Prof Rose and his expert team of researchers, completely concurs with these findings. In addition,in my book I described the work of a British team of researchers, that tried to validate the belief that fish do indeed feel pain, as a farce. The test methodology that was used in that study, bordered on fraud.The latest studies also validate my conclusion on that study..

PETA (people for the Ethical treatment of Animals) has been arguing for years about the pain issue. Their objective is to have all fishing banned as a casual sort. I commend Dr. Rose for his work.