My Latest New Book

My Latest New Book
Fishing Different

Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Switch From Fact to Fiction

After years of writing non-fiction books, I have moved into the arena of fiction writing. This new book however isn't exactly totally fiction. I have taken many events in our history that actually happened and wrapped them into a story not entirely factually  true. You can check this book out at and if purchased there you will get a signed copy. Try this new venture, I think you will like it.

A New Novel Invites Your Attention

Take a look at my latest work on a thriller novel titled "Suspicion" at my book store site I have gone from outdoor writing to an attempt at fiction that blends historical true events with a story of fiction that is so interesting that it will remind you of things happening around the world today. Try this new work and get a signed copy at my store site.

Check out my latest novel

My latest book took me out of the fishing subject and into the wide world of fiction. This suspense thriller is a different approach to fiction since I took real events in history that I was very familiar with and wove a multi-phased fiction story through the historical events. With the scene set in the Middle East in the late 1970's and a story that includes political corruption and uncontrolled use of oil money, the story reflects events that could very well be taking place today. You can read a summary of this new book at my book store at and if you are interested you can get a signed copy through this site. Take a look and take a chance on some good reading.