My Latest New Book

My Latest New Book
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Thursday, February 11, 2021

                                                           Hello Again

I have had a few of my friends and fellow anglers ask why I have been silent on this blog for two months. No, I did not contact the virus, but I was sick for a long period of time. I basically lost the month of January and part of Feb. No need to give you all the details but I am now feeling much better although I have lost considerable confidence in our medical care system in general.

During my recovery I took the opportunity to re-gain some productivity by doing maintenance on all of my fishing gear. This is a good time of the year to re-spool all of your reels, clean and oil them and check all the eyes on your rods for nicks or scratches. One item often overlooked by most anglers are the hooks on your lures. if they are bent or rusty, they should be replaced. It's not a big job if you have the right tools.

Because of the weather that we have been having, the fishing pressure on the lake is very light so when it warms, and I hope that is soon, fishing should be real good. I hope everyone has gotten through this cold period while remaining healthy. I should be back on the lake in a week or so. Hope to see you all out there.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Fish Are Hot Now

 We have waited a long time for the good times to start again. Well ! they are back and the fish are very active, all the fish, not only the bass. I have had better success with the smaller live bait but the fish have run me out of bait every time I've gone out in the last two weeks. The hits have been very aggressive and I have had many multiple hits at the same time. On one occasion I had four fish on at one time and managed to land three of them. Drop offs are still good but the bass seem to be roaming around looking for food. Not many shad schools in sight so the fish are hungry, preparing for the cold weather that will soon come. I have caught hybrids regularly in the south end of the lake, finally, but they are not yet of legal size at this end. Surface activity is very visible in the afternoon so keep a casting lure handy that will reach way out. I have had great success casting at the surface rolls. Bait is fairly scarce if you don't get it close to Wednesday when it is delivered, so stock up so you won't be run out by the fish like I have been. My son in law boated this 5 pound plus last week along with two channel cats, two crappie,  one hybrid and 10 bass, al in a couple of hours, SO get out and fish guys, it won't last forever.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

New Breed of Bass Have Been Stocked

 The new tiger bass is now in the lake. 2000 fish were stocked last week sized around one pound and some a little more. Each of these fish have been tagged with a wire tag, so if you catch one please carefully return it to the water. If enough money is raised, next year the plan is to stock more than 100,000 fingerling fish. In all years following that the stocking will be funded by the Wildlife Commission. Again this time, the fish were all released in the north end of the lake. Hopefully on the next stocking, consideration will be given to stocking some fish close to the south end of the lake. Donations are needed for next years stock. You can make a contribution by going to Lake Norman Legends Facebook group. It's going to take a lot of angler to contribute to raise the needed funds for the next stock of fish, They are asking for $80 but they will take whatever you offer. Please consider a contribution.

Friday, October 23, 2020


 Just realized yesterday that my blog had been blocked. I have never posted anything but fishing information so I didn't understand why I was blocked. Then I found out that my blog company had been purchased by another social media firm (name to be withheld).  In another social media outlet I have been posting a good deal of political dialog and maybe, just maybe that explains the shut-out. Well I guess I'm back on line again.

Fishing has been getting better in the last two weeks. Many of the bass caught have been small. That's a new issue since I have been catching big bass lately. Always something new on this lake. The new Tiger bass will be stocked within days now. If you catch one, it will have a wire tag so be sure to throw those back. Also consider a contribution the program since the next years stocking will depend on private funding. Good luck and stay safe.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Important Correction

 I indicated in a previous post that the length limit on hybrids was being increased to 20 inches. I have since found that this was not true and there is no change planned foe the length limit on that breed. I will be discussing the new tiger bass details in a future issue of "The Angler magazine".

Friday, September 25, 2020

New Species of Bass to be Introduced Into Lake Norman

 The North Carolina Wildlife Commission has announced that it is attempting to rid the lake of the Spotted Bass and will replace them with a species called the F1 bass or the Tiger bass. To speed up the removal of the spotted bass the rules have been changed. All limits for the spots have been removed. You can catch and keep as many as you want and there is no size limit.

As a replacement, they intend to start stocking the Tiger bass next year and continue at least 5 years. The tiger bass is a hybrid of the Florida largemouth and the Northern largemouth. It handles the cold winters better than other species and it grows much faster than the regular largemouth and supposedly is easier to catch (although that remains to be seen.) The Commission considers this an "experiment". I questioned them about the ability of the Hybrid to multiply and they indicated that this hybrid breed can reproduce in the lake, unlike most other Hybrids.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Some Interesting Activities Taking Place

 Several of us recently received a memo from the Wildlife Commission that the planned fish attractor program has been cancelled. The Commission had announced this new program several months ago and many of us volunteered to help with the program. The apparent reason for this cancellation was the objection by Duke Energy about the selected site requirements and also current Buoy requirements. Of course both of these are non-existent problems. Duke simply doesn't want anything placed in "their" lake. I am asking around and have contacted the Wildlife Commission to get a more sensible response to this decision. I have also requested from them, to provide me an interview so that I can write an article on this decision. I have yet to get a response.

Also I have heard that there are two changes in fishing rules. The first is that the length requirement on hybrids is being increased to 20 inches and also that the catch limit on spotted bass is going to be removed so that anglers can catch as many of this species as they wish. The purpose of this change is to try and eliminate all spotted bass from the lake. I have also expressed to the Commission that this rule would only make sense if there was a plan to start stocking largemouth to replace the spots. Apparently there is no such plan. I believe that these rule changes will eventually eliminate Lake Norman as a good fishery and I am concerned about Duke Energy's motives. I will keep you updated as I get responses from the Wildlife Commission.