My Latest New Book

My Latest New Book
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Changes in Fish Behavior

I recently read an article in a major fishing magazine that talked at length about the effect of cold fronts on the behavior of fish, more specifically Bass. Not long before that I read in that same magazine about the effect of baromrtric pressure on fish behavior. Then there was the article about the effect on the moons position relative to earth. And these articles go on and on.

Those of you that have taken the time to read my books, know that I do a reasonable amount of study to determine what the scientific facts are behind these popular myths. In every case I have gone back to the original work that was done to develope these theories. In many cases these results are invalid based on todays method of statistically valid testing. In my books I have presented my positions on these myths based on the test results that I have run or the physics or mathmatics that I have used. My belief, based on my research is as follows;
FRESHWATER  FISH, THEY ARE: WATER TEMPERATURE, SUNLIGHT AND THE AVAILABILITY OF FOOD. All other behavioral factors are indirect results of one of the above, but not a direct effect.

I believe that I have proven mathematically that barometric pressure cannot effect a fish, the fish is largely governed by the hydrostatic pressure of the water. Warm or cold fronts by themselves only cause water temperature or sunlight changes that effect the fish, not the front itself. The moons position relative to the earth does indeed control the ocean tides and therefore it most certainly does effect saltwater fish and maybe freshwater fish in tidal waters, but the moons position has no effect on freshwater fish.

I have invited challanges to my positons on these subjects and in the few cases that they have actually taken place, I have presented my evidence and my challangers have gone away satisfied with my positions.

Perhaps my most contreversial position deals with the best time of the day to fish. With thousands of fish catches as my data base I believe that I have proven that you can catch as many fish in the middle of the day as you can in the early morning or early evening, yet there are many fishermen that do not even fish in the middle of the day because they believe that fish do not bite at those times. Certainly you have to fish differently when the sun is high in the sky, but knowing where and how to fish will produce a good bite at all hours of the day.

I invite your inputs and arguments on these sublects.

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