My Latest New Book

My Latest New Book
Fishing Different

Monday, May 7, 2012

Everyone can enjoy my books.

There is one characteristic of my books that helps broaden the reading audience: Each time I give a class or lecture, I take note of the questions that are asked during the session. When I write my books. I address all of these questions so that the material in my books covers a broad range of interest groups- from the young beginners to the experienced fishermen and women.

I find it interesting that attendance at my lectures always includes young folks and usually a mother or two. I have seen an increase in interest being shown by young girls and women of all ages. I think that my reading audience has broadened to include many women and children because the books are easy to read and even easier to understand.

Even though my books have a unique characteristic of blending the science of fishing with the sport of fishing, I try to present the science in a way that is not complicated and can be absorbed by the young folks. Women are finding  out that fishing is a great activity for family participation in these days when the family unit needs tightening. often the work schedules of the parents does not permit the husband or the wife to have the time to teach the young ones how to fish so, my local fishing club provides classes for the kids and their parents to bring the whole family into the activity.
This was Gianna's first attempt at fishing with me and doesn't that smile on her face tell it all! it wasn't a monster bass that she caught, but for her it meant memories. My books help people like Gianna how to understand aquatic life and how fishing fits into the overall scheme of natures plan..

Last year when I took Mary Lou and her sister out on the lake fishing, she caught this nice striper as her first fish even. There are many men who would like to have caught a fish like that.

One aspect of my books that makes them easier to read is that they are not written with a plot, so the reader does not have to read the book in sequence from the beginning to the end. The table of contents can be referenced and whatever area is of interest can be read without necessarily reading all the material that came before it.

All of my books can be used as a gift for fathers Day or even Mothers Day, but for the men, I would not suggest that you give one of my books to your wife as a Mothers Day gift.

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