My Latest New Book

My Latest New Book
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Friday, June 29, 2012

How About 780 bass in 7 days

You probably don't believe the numbers but thats what a trip to Kishkutens Lake in Ontario Canada produced. My fishing partner Ron Jurcy and myself fished about 10 hours a day for seven days and boated 780 small mouth bass and 18 muskies.
This is one of the smaller Muskies that I boated. The thrill was increased by the fact that we were using small crank baits without wire since we were fishing for bass. I lost several cranks but also boated great fish.
This is one of the average smallmouth bass that we caught. They were not all this large, some larger and some smaller.The middle of the day still turned out to be the best fishing times as shown by the chart below which plots all of the fish by the time of day that they were caught.
I learned a couple of new things about the smallmouth bass. They seem to bite best where the shorelines are in the shade and they get a little excited when the wind blows waves up against the rocks. All the bass were caught with crank baits although I tried other lures. I have retired the lure shown below because by itself it caught more than 200 bass.
This is the third time I have fished Kishkutena Lake and every thime it has gotten better. I can't imagine that it can get much better than this.

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