My Latest New Book

My Latest New Book
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

                               Be Careful With Ethanol During Boat Storage

This is the time of the year that boaters often put their boats into storage. Now more than ever there is a danger when storing boats. The E10 Ethanol additive put into fuel creates fuel separation when the fuel is not used for 60 days. The Ethanol attracts water vapor to your tank and when you try to run your motor in the spring, you will have water problems. Some additives will help if added while filling the tanks, but most additives contain alcohol and actually complicate the problem. The best way to prevent the problem from occurring is to completely fill the tank before storage.If there is no open space in the tank for moisture to accumulate, water vapor cannot be created. Tanks can also be completely drained but this is a much more difficult process. Your best bet is to use ethanol-free gasoline which is still available at a few stations and at some boating facilities.

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