My Latest New Book

My Latest New Book
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fishing and the Solar flares.

Avid fishermen like myself are always looking for reasons to exlain unusual fish behavior. With my scientific curiousity, let me throw this one out. The gigantic solar flares that have been occuring for the last week or so have had an effect on the fish bite, and it has been a negative effect. I know, most of you will now certify me as crazy, but I want to be the first one to throw this one out there for consideration. 50 years from now when some scientist finds this to be true, it may make me famous.
I have been on the water nearly every day for the last two weeks doing some testing that you will hear about in the future.Fishing has been pretty good every day until this weekend when the bite suddenly stopped. I don't know why, all other normal things that bother the fish were OK and certainly there was nothing wrong with the fisherman. Then I read about the huge solar flares that are taking place. They started on friday and have been occuring each day since. Thats the same period of the light bite of the Bass.
We know that in 2012 the Sun will be approaching its peak on its 11 year cycle, called the Solar Maximum. Scientists expect higher than normal flares during this period. We know that the earth is protected from the energy emitted by the flares by  the earths gravity system, so flares are nothing unusual and certainly nothing to get excited about. Not unless the flares are effecting the fish bite. Neuro Scientists believe that solar flares have an effect on the moods of humans, sometimes expanding depression periods. Thats enough for me, I'm convinced. Perhaps its time to apply for a government grant to study this possibility. For those of you that have read my books you know that I believe that the Sun has more effect on fish behavior than any other single factor. I never thought about the aspect of solar flares. Think about it.

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