My Latest New Book

My Latest New Book
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Friday, March 16, 2012

The bass are shallow

Many of us have been wondering what has been happening to the Bass here at Lake Norman. for the past two weeks the bite has been erratic to say the least. Generally we consider late February or early March too early for the spawn to begin but this year we have had a very warm winter and the water temperatures are now just right for the spawn to begin. That's what has happened. The larger males are up in the shallow water working on the nests and they will soon work on forcing the females to move into the nests to deposit the eggs. While the fish are in this state of mind they don't do much eating so that's why the bite has been light. Keep in mind that not all bass spawn at the same time, so there are still many nice fish that have not yet entered the spawning pattern. Don't get discouraged, just keep fishing and when the spawn is over we will be back in to the feeding frenzy again.

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