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My Latest New Book
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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Rig For Catfishing

This is the time of the year that many anglers are venturing out on Lake Norman for the big blue catfish or any other species that is hanging around. The Blue cat is the most popular on the lake because they are in good supply and it is not unusual to get one in the 20 pound range. Channel cats are also in good supply but it is rare that you will catch a channel more than three pounds. The ugly Flathead is harder to find but when you get one it is probably a good size.
Chanel cats like stink baits. Blues like cut bait and garlic chicken and Flatheads like live bait. The rig that I use for all three of these monsters is shown below.
You can substitute a slinky weight in place of the lead sinker if you desire. There are less bottom hook ups with the slinky. Make sure the weight is heavy enough to compensate for the size float that you use or the weight will not go to the bottom.

When trolling this rig, you should see the rod tip constantly bouncing, indicating that the weight is running along the bottom. When the rod tip goes down hard and continues to bounce, you have a nice cat.

In my opinion, catfish are the best eating fish on the lake but you don't want to eat a big one 30 inches or longer. The 5 to 8 pound fish provide the best filet. With any luck you should be able to land a fish like the one shown below.

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