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My Latest New Book
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Friday, June 2, 2017

When do Bass Stop Eating?

I often get this question when discussing different baits or lures to use. Actually under most conditions, bass never stop eating. When pulling in a bass, keep you eyes on the water and you might see several fish swimming up behind your hooked fish. These fish are there to grab the undigested bait fish that the bass throws out when being retrieved. These photos show clearly how much a bass will eat before attacking a bait or lure. The first photo shows a bass swallowing a bream.
One would think that this would be a sufficient meal for this bass but it is not. The photos below shows several other undigested fish in the throat of the bass while it has also been hooked by a lure. I suppose that if this fish is released, it will rest a minute or two before attacking a bait again.

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